Individual  & Systems Advocacy

Empowering people to make choices and have input in all aspects of their lives.

Assistance and/or representation in obtaining access to benefits, services and


Efforts made to implement local, state and federal policy changes to make facilities,

services and opportunities available and accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Information & Referral

Information on any disability-related topic, referrals to appropriate agencies and

programs, and assistance in applying for services.


Independent Living Skills Training

We offer a variety of training to increase independence including budgeting, meal

planning, social skills training and organizational skills.


Peer Support

Disability Connections employees are people with disabilities helping other people with

disabilities. Shared experience and support are important tools that lead to success.

The Center provides group sessions that take place on a monthly basis.Transition



Whether it be changing schools, moving to a new place or leaving a nursing home,

our center provides services and support.