Transition for Youth

Education, Services and Support to young adults with disabilities who are transitioning

from school to the community or from one school to another.


Payee Services

Disability in Action coordinates with Liferun Center for Independent Living to provide

money management for those who receive benefits through the Social Security



Independent Living Services – New

The Independent Living Services (ILS) Program, formerly with DARS, has been transitioned to the Centers for Independent Living throughout Texas.   The ILS program provides services, equipment and technology that can assist people with disabilities, including those who have Hearing or Vision disabilities, to function more independently in their homes, family and community.  Some of the services that may be provided are:


  • counseling and guidance;
  • training and tutorial services;
  • adult basic education;
  • rehabilitation facility training;
  • telecommunications, sensory and other technological aids for people who are deaf;
  • vehicle modification;
  • assistive devices such as artificial limbs, braces, wheelchairs and hearing aids to stabilize or improve function; and
  • other services as needed to achieve independent living objectives, such as transportation, interpreter services and maintenance.

To be eligible for the ILS program, a person must be certified:

  • to have a significant disability that results in a substantial impediment to their ability to function independently in the family and/or in the community, and
  • there must be a reasonable expectation that ILS assistance will result in the ability to function more independently.
  • To be a resident of the state of Texas